Bidvertiser , the bigest scammer in the history

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    Hello, i'm posting this today, to tell you all Bidvertiser is a bunch of scammers.
    Some might say they are not scammers, since they have been paid by them, but after going to the quick reply, read this post, as it has many information that surely will make you change the network you have advertising in your website.

    I've used bidvertiser before, and all I can say is that, as the time has gone by, and as they have become more popular and have more advertisers (meaning more money for them), they have become more greedy.
    Now you might ask what I mean by that.. and what I mean is.. I don't know if bidvertiser will pay you or not, and that is not what I will discuss in this thread. Surely if you follow all bidvertiser instructions you might be paid. Thats not the point.

    What happens is that Bidvertiser is SHAVING you. They are stealing clicks and impressions from you, meaning they are stealing you money!

    How can I say this you might ask? Simple... We all know the reasons for NOT using adsense and using bidvertiser instead... Some might not be approved in adsense... others due to the Traffic purchasing option. Its simple... I couldn't purchase some type of traffic to my adsense blog, as google would hammer me for that. with bidvertiser is different... they PAY YOU LESS, so they allow traffic purchase...
    now imagine my little experience... I've purchased 10K USA hits to one blog that was displaying bidvertiser ads, and out of those 10k hits, bidvertiser only recorded 1K.. THAT IS AN AMAZING SHAVING.

    I'm not a hot blooded persons... so first thing I've considered was:
    I was cheated NOT by bidvertiser, but from the traffic purchase guy...
    what have I done? I've stopped purchasing it. Untill.....

    Yesterday I added my site to one website rotator, and to MAKE SURE the traffic exchange wasn't cheating me, I went to 1 friends PC that is the normal PC user, and have never seen my website with bidvertiser or something related (so NON internet marketing related), and I've visited my blog, and clicked in one of the Top Classified Ads (that has a value up to $4 as Max Bidder)...

    I was expecting to see not only more 100 views/impressions from traffic exchange, and AT LEAST (the blog has organic traffic that USED to click in ads naturally, nothing cheated, when I had adsense) 1 click!

    After 8 hours (since Bidvertiser says Impressions could take 4 hours to display, and clicks are automatically), I checked the results, in My home PC.

    My surprise?
    Out of the 100 clicks that should be validated as impressions, only 14 were... and that click I gave? that was from a Max Bidder of $4, so I could earn AT LEAST $0.40+ for the click? Bidvertiser SHAVED ME. Totally.

    So from this I can take this conclusions:

    Bidvertiser is Shaving people. They are Stealing/Not Validating impressions and clicks. That is really NOT a professional actitude from a company that calls itself one big alternative to Adsense.

    STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Stealing more than HALF of the Views (AND THEY WERE FROM USA VISITORS). STEALING CLICKS (and they can't say it was due to the fact they didn't had Ads, since I haven't even removed the $0.02 valued ads) ITS NOT RIGHT. THEY ARE STEALING MEMBERS.

    I guess I can use the respect I've already earn in this forum to advice you something:
    Stay away from them. If you can't use adsense, use Adbrite or Clicksor.
    If you are an advertiser... stay away from them also... you never know what they can be doing to your statistics if they do this to publishers.
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