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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by biks, Jul 24, 2009.

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    OK, I understand bidding on the search network using keywords. (Doing it now.) I know all the options for content placement bidding, but I'm kinda of fuzzy on how everything relates.

    Let's say I want my ads to only appear on one website that's related to my niche. Do I need to enter any keywords related to my niche, then edit the manage placement choices? Adwords seems to be asking me to enter keywords before I choose my location.

    If I don't have to enter any keywords, then how does Google decide that my webpage is relevant to a website of my choosing? By how much I bid? Does that mean I'll be competing with the highest bid keyword on each page? (There's normally tons of keywords about anything and everything on a typical page.)

    Are all pages on the website cost the same when I bid via the content network? If I bid too low, will I only end up on the "crappy" pages, or not at all?
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    No. Just enter the domain/url you want to place your ad into the placements. Your don't have to use keywords.

    I THINK it's like the algorythm which is used for advertising in the search network: You can bid high and place an irrelevant ad....

    If your bid is really too low then your ad shouldn't appear. But I wouldn't think too much about this....start bidding low, wait (at least 24 h) and see what is happening. If you don't get ad impressions then I would raise the bid slowly...