BHW vs. DP


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Oct 18, 2008
I just find it interesting that everybody here hates DP. Why do you hate DP? Talk to me... like a mobster would talk to his psychologist. What feelings does DP give you? Anger? Fear? Envy? Joy?

and Why?
Well for one, sometimes talking to DP people is a real pain. It's a really frustrating forum from my experience.

Most of the time your talking to retards and most of the time, 9 out of 10 threads you post are always hijacked by some retawd.

my .02

Bad feelings, anger against all the people that sell ideas that were taken from members of this site.
dp was great some years beafor. Now is just a big marketplace full of nobs and scammers.
DP sucks donkeys balls.

whatever you do there next day you will receive a dozen of emails can u help me to make money?
once i even got a pm saying:
are you from US?
If yes can u give me ur credit card wont be charged i just need it to complete an offer and you will be charged nothing.

thats how retard its forum members are.
yeah DP people are retarded and i am really hoping that i am not insulting the rest of the retarded people.
ah...well...a visit to DP and just reading the kind of stupid posts there should explain it all...

simply put, DP is infested with only two kinds of people 1) scamsters wanting to make some quick money 2) noobs

nobody is genuinely interested in helping the other out. Besides, the Nazi-esque attitude of the mods makes it all the more irritating....

and for me, BHW is everything that DP isn't...
Do you still have that PM? My December resolution is to help people out, so this would help me to do my part.
Not only are all the above reasons valid but BHW members could also kick DP members asses.
Yeah, DP is truly suck.

They always asking, even if the thread is 2 month old, they still screaming like hell :

"Can I still get the review copy?"

and guess what, that person who asked is a totally noob with 0 post and have only joined yesterday. What a sick!
i don't know but i never like DP.. for some reason.
Perhaps there are too much of people who have too much of time to spam that forum lol..
yes it is , i am from dp . They ban for no reasons...i wonder the way the people sell stuff which is stolen or rehashed , out of 100 , 90 are stolen ones ...WSO is better as i saw people with real ideas and testimonials which are prooven.
Like everybodys already stated above: too much scammers in DP. And rude mods.
Are there any review copies left?!! Can I get a review copy? I have high rep here and will post a great review for you :p
DP is not as personal as BHW. I didn't realize the community was as large as it was until I read Dave's post about shutting the doors. It just doesn't seem large because everyone is involved everywhere. I don't even know who the mods are at DP to report a spammer in my box! It's just not as hands on and it seems to have just gone to the sh*tter in regards to quality anymore [if it had any before....I've only been a member there for like a year...maybe two....idk].
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