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BHW User "Products" Scammed me for $660 - Did Not Deliver The Products

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by moneymo2018, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. moneymo2018

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    Oct 31, 2011
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    Hello BHW Members,

    I am going to try and stick within the rules of BHW and make this complaint as I was scammed by a supposedly trusted BHW member. This BHW User is Products. I saw one of his threads on here offering to dropship Authentic Ray bans. (First off, I am a trusted person and has never been scammed or dealt with this type of situation before so please understand my situation as well.) He was looking for ebay sellers and I responded to his ad because I needed some extra income and to make more money for things like health issues, and other important issues. So I did ineed started to work with him and list his Ray Ban products.

    I listed one model and within hours I had like 5 buyers. They all paid for the product and I sent the payments to him. He told me he shipped the products and that I can expect them to get it in 8 - 12 business days. So I noticed all the buyers were messaging me on the 15 - 18 day asking for their products. I messaged him and asked him where they were. He told me that they had an internal issue and had to reship them. But a little bit before they started complaining, I bought 6 pairs for myself to sell back. Because I saw good profit if I did wholesale with him instead of dropshipping. And I happen to have a little bit of extra money. So I did. I kept on asking him for the tracking and he would tell me the next day he will have it. So I waited a week and then asked again. He said he sent them but did not have tracking added. So I waited about 3 weeks and nothing came. I asked him why, he told me his team messed up my order and did not send it like they were supposed to. So I was upset and asked him to either send the products or refund me. I claimed he sent again and I waited an extra week and nothing showed up. I asked him if the last order had tracking and he said yes. I asked him to send it to me and every time he would talk his way out of it and avoid it. So I threatened to report him to BHW for his actions, He then promised me 12 pairs of Sun glasses and some Calvin Klein Boxers. So I felt if he can follow through with it then I would not report him. I only believed him this time because when I threatened to report him, he was so nervous and scared that he practically tried ine very way to make sure I did not report him.

    But then again nothing came in the mail. So Now I am here making a report against him. I have tried to reason with him in every aspect by Skype and by Email. No response whatsoever. I am still very upset about this. He basically promised me three times to send products and never sent it. Then he never sent the dopship orders either, so I ended up refunding them with my money and lost $660. I was going through a rough financial problem and I guess he saw that as an advantage to trick me out of my money. I am really upset about this. I tried to collect the money back via Paypal but was too late.

    I would like for him to pay me back the $660 total and the Paypal Fee's to cover all transactions. If he can do this then this case will be resolved. I am new to adding pictures of chats to BHW so I would like to know how to do this. And those that might ask about my knowledge on his products authenticity, I cannot speak on products that I did not obtain. He never delivered but he told me that his products were bankrupt stocks from stores who lost their business. Thats how he claimed he got them so cheap and was selling them to me very cheap. I figure it would be authentic if he was telling em the truth. Every time I try, I get an error. I have so much proof in Skype that I cannot add everything, its too much. But to everyone who may have negative things to say. I honestly thought I could trust this guy as we spoke to each other on a daily basis, he seemed like a real honest person. So I guess I believed his hype and lost alot in the end.

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