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    So as I joined this site I've asked people on what should I do, what should I get into, what is the best way to make a quick buck, etc? I had an information overload. Had SO MANY different things available to me that I didn't know what to grab onto. Since I'm in Graphic Design (and some of you saw my work, and each and single one of you commented on how great it was) everyone suggested I do something with Graphic Design: Get into freelance, design websites, design logos, design business cards or banners. Then it went further into why don't you try website flipping? Or why don't you try CPA? Someone even told me to try cookie stuffing and e-whoring! .. TONS.. TONS of ways to make money. Some of it is good, some of it is *sighs* .. not that great lol.

    In any case I got a lot of information out of this site and thought I'd put it to use. In my opinion, and IM STICKING TO IT (and please don't try to change my mind lol) I decided to go with blogs+adsense, I know that it has to do very little with Graphic Design, but I think its not a hard thing to get into to make your first $1

    Now... I don't know WordPress (although I assume its not that hard since I know HTML + build websites before) So I will ned to teach myself that (shouldn't be hard though I think). I don't have any articles, or nice keywords, or a domain, or a host, ... infect I have NOTHING.

    The only thing I have... Is my Niche that I'm sticking to!

    Before the Launch:
    [] I want to make 150+ articles to be ready for the blog, so then I can just copy/paste it every day with out actually writing it then
    [] Buy Host and Domain
    [] Design the site
    [] Get Adsense and put it on the site
    [] Making a video on YouTube to get more traffic
    [] And any other way to get traffic (which doesn't require me to pay anyone, since I'm low on cash)

    Then I will launch the site, and see how it works out...
    Don't know if I covered all the points. But that is my 'so-far' understanding of 'making-small-money-with-blogs'

    SO.. I won't ask anymore questions on "What to do" with my situation, I got enough of help.

    Here is what I ask for...
    If anyone is interested in following my progress either PM me, or put your name here. I will share my niche with you, and take you through all the steps (Im a total newb so if I will make any mistakes, correct me please) through PMs. Also I might ask you a few questions a long the way if I can't decide between A and B and need some expert reply.

    Also.... The people who I will reply back to and keep on my "PM-list" are people who contribute a lot to the forums, or have a somewhat decent post count with some thanks, etc. I don't want to give it to someone who has like.. 12 posts and that is it.

    No clue how long this will all take.
    2 weeks? 2 months? 1 Year? NO CLUE.
    I think Website Design + 150 Articles will take the longest because I need to rewrite those 150 articles, plus learn WordPress.. So I might start with that..

    And if I do have some steady income from it, I will def. write it all in here and go step-by-step with pictures on how to accomplish what I have accomplished (If... what I have accomplished will bring me any money LOL)

    So once again.. If you want me send you PMs with my progress (and in return I can PM you and ask you some questions), PM me, or let me know that you're interested. Once again, someone with a few thanks, with a decent post count, etc.

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    I do not want to be in your Pm list or follow your niche with you, I just wanted to say go for it.

    To many people suffer from "paralysis of analysis". They study what to do and how to do it so long that they never do it. The best way accomplish something is to do it, and weed out what does not work.

    So go for it. "Ready, Fire, Aim !"