BHW Meetup in Indore, India anytime in Last Week of this month - Anyone up for it?

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    Hi guys,

    Me and my partner has been thinking for a meetup of BHW fellow members at any good venue in Indore, India anytime in Last Week of this month. My partner belong that place and I will be there in Last Week of this month for a whole week or so.

    I know there are many BHW fellows around Indore and Ujjain area.

    If people are up for it, me and my partner can organize the event and we can have an amazing meetup with lots of IM talks along with some amazing meal together!

    I just want to know the possibilities for now.

    Please comment below if you're around the place, help me with your contact info in PM/email/fb/WhatsApp/However Possible and let's meet!

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