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    people love to motivate themselves by creating journals of their progress from zero to hero.
    i am thinking it is a good idea actually, why haven't we got journal section here?

    it is good for topic starter - keeps him in check and focused, posting his ideas, and problems his facing on this hard journey to freedom
    and for observers to get new ideas, caveats, motivation and phun :ponder:

    who's up for BH Journal Section?
    let's vote
    I am up!
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    This was actually discussed a while back actually. The conclusion: There aren't enough motivated people to warrant the use of an additional sub-section. I too was into the whole journal craze, but just like everybody else, I came to abandon it. I've got to comment though, I did enjoy the daily, almost hourly feedback I received with my writing. It does give you chills, knowing you've captivated such an audience, that they actually message you, wondering when your next post will be.