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BHW HELP - I need u the most today plz - i sold my site

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by dabeast, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. dabeast

    dabeast Power Member

    Jun 12, 2011
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    in the heart of my loved ones
    Hello BHW...Huge wall of text coming :eek:

    My story - very boring :rolleyes:

    I am 18 residing in India. I gave my engineering entrance exams previous year and got quite a good rank. So as usual I headed to some discussion forums to seek advice and spent 5-6 hours a day on that forum (during june-august) asking and answering crap (u know how addicting forums can be)

    seeing how active i was, i was appointed as a mod of that forum and was promised 25 dollars a month (it was great for me as i thought i could atleast manage my mobile expenses :rolleyes:, remember its india ;))

    So i started working from september..september passed..the owner didnt pay me and kept delaying it..october passed same, even november :rolleyes:

    Atlast in december i was fed up and since i had the power of mod, i ruined their site deleting most of the posts..they didnt have backup either , foolish guys :baby09: ownder couldnt do anything :D

    but the people loved me so much since i solved all their doubts (i was a maths scholar :D), that they insisted me to start my own site..i was a noob (still am :baby09:).i knew shit about making sites..just knew html...luckily i got hold of wordpress and courtesy youtube, i made the site in 9 days and finally launched the site on first january 2011 :)

    i ddint know sites make money or anything of that sort but started it somehow...so i was very happy that i had a site...in mid february i ddint know how my site was going, was it progressing or not since i ddint know what was the traffic..although the users on my site seemed happy..so in march i came to know about analytics :rolleyes: the site was having around 100-150 visitors daily....i didnt know whether this was good or not..

    march end i came to know that people make money from their sites :eek: thats where seeds of greed were planted :D i came to know about adsense in april start...so i applied for adsense and got accepted whn i applied second time.. :) and from there on it was a roller coaster ride :D

    from spending 5-10 mins a day on my website, it went on to 30 mins - 1hour daily to 2-3 hrs learning about optimising adsense, learning seo.here are some of the stats of myy adsense from, april 13-july 2 (in case u r thinking i m a troll :D)

    My SEO Blunders :(
    i started learning about seo from some crappy blogs and sites like dp till may end until i joined bhw.i realised that most of the links i have made are n/a blog comments without anchor texts and most are nofollow..still somehow i was able to rank god knows how..

    Niche Selection Mistake
    ]now the biggest mistake is that the site which i had made is seasonal..holyy fuck..it is a site which is only active from march - july since its admission season india..the traffic is slowly decreasing day by day with the earnings dropping everyday..come august, the site will hardly earn 5-10 dollars a day :( this is bizzarre coz i regularly gave 1.5-3 hours to my site updating it and doing seo.. so workign hard for this much is not worth

    moreover the site only targets indians...indian visitors are crap as they give so low cpc..so i no motivation to work for this site..so i decided to sell this site off.fortunately i got a buyer and i sold my site today for 4500 dollars .. the site (this is my only site) earned around 2100 dollars in 80 days so it seem a bit less but it isn;t as site will only earn 5-10 dollars daily till next march so its not a bad deal imo


    Actually the buyer has told me he will pay on Friday, i.e. 5 days from now..and i have to hand over the site to him tomorrow...

    at the moment site is earning 15-18 dollars a day from past 3-4 days and falling day by day..site buyer saw june's stats and he is assuming that site will earn him atleast 25 dollars daily till july atleast..i m scared if he doesnt see this amount he will not buy my site and i cant tell u how desperately i want to get rid of this crappy site. the site has too much mistakes, copied content, nofollow links, and what not and has no future as such...

    so i want to ask how can i sustain the earnings to atleast 25 dollars a day startting from today till friday so i get the money :(

    so my only hope is to rank higher and higher like #1 and #2 within these 5 days for these keywords so i get more visits and 25 dollars for these 5 days..

    how do i rank ?
    i am not asking u how to rank etc.its been 3 weeks or so since i m at bhw and i have read loads of stuff and know how to rank..i purchased amr, tbs, scrapebox some days back (although i m yet to learn scrapebox) but the problem is the content is such i cant create web 2.0s and spun content..the content is basically facts and figures and i cant make this unique much...so my only hope is high pr links from blog comments and profiles...

    please bhw i want ur help how to rank fast without using web 2.0s and article directories. i ordered .edu profile links last night for some keywords..will they help ?

    should i purchase a direct scrapebox blast (site is now 5-6 months old and has pr 2, will it be risky to do that ?)

    remember i only have 4-5 days time :eek: and i dont wish to spend too much since i already bought some tools and articles for my upcoming sites

    please dont flame me guys..i really need help ..thanks guys...this forum helps me a lot :) pardon my not so good english

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  2. MojoSoDope

    MojoSoDope Regular Member

    Feb 6, 2011
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    To be honest, I would do some minimal SB blasts just to
    give the site a little boost, or you can buy some cheap traffic from
    here, just head on over to the BST section.
  3. Celtik

    Celtik Registered Member

    Apr 23, 2008
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    Does he realize the site is a seasonal site? I don't understand why you would be giving the site up now before he pays anyway. If you do decide to do that then I guess just do a little manual backlinking or something of the sort to give it a small boost. I would recommend letting the owner know that the site is seasonal and it will be back as good as ever early next year.