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    Apr 16, 2010
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    I put my music on
    I get my grind on
    I BHW it hard
    Make same keywords appears twice
    make google search engine crack down like the flip changin'
    Going high up in this mothe'fucka
    Blowin up those linkswheels to get me a pair o' new wheels
    Never ballin' with the Big G
    Im talkin Rick Ross big
    Smokin that Kush blowin and keep that hustle owning
    Make me some autoblogs click clask like tik-tok
    Like Ke$sha smoking Green in Some motherfuckin lanterns
    Im smokin every gram I owe
    Ebay' gonna ban me now ''

    Im defo on my profile pic bitch!
    That's me in the SLR kit, bitch!
    Blunt rollin with my homie !
    Follow me like twitter
    If you aint a quiter

    Roll these emails get them to the inbox
    Gonna make some doe for a new black box
    Make me some lizard like Im the king of Chiizart

    Roll The cam and make those bad bitches lick some pussy
    Sell the tapes to s site - make it like a prick all night!
    Then gonna put some F/B/ shit like that viral nah mean
    HIgh as a motherfucker gona make it to Ray - OH MAn you so fake n' gay!

    Thats some free style shit for my homies from BHW . Just for fun. Im not saying Im 2pac back. peace.
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