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BHW Exclusive: My FB Like Jacking Strategy and Advice. Your questions answered here

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by shezboy, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    I've posted this here to share only with BHW members as this is my way of giving to this forum and helping others where I can.

    After spending a lot a time on the forum I see there is no shortage of Black Hat tools available to do various tasks but there seems to be a shortage of freely available advice about the methods that these tools automate. So, here it is, my FB Like Jacking guide/strategy/advice.

    *Disclaimer before you start: Yes, I do offer a Like Jacking tool here on BHW but the reason for this thread isn't to promote it. Apart from the above stated reason for starting this thread I noted that a lot of support questions I get about my Like Jacking tool seems to be due to people not fully understanding how Like Jacking works or having a strategy in place before starting Like Jacking.

    That's a recipe for disaster so I've posted this here for every member to access and benefit from before they get in to Like Jacking.

    OK, so let's begin......

    Like Jacking on Facebook is nothing new and people have been using various tools/scripts/services for a number of years. Because of this Facebook are all too well aware that it goes on and are on the ball when it comes to detecting it.

    Because of this there are a number of things that you need to take in to account when Like Jacking.

    Facebook has enough data to know what is regular behavior and what is suspicious and they know this better than you ever will, after all, they are the ones with the data and they write the rules. You must play it safe and never try to blast away with any Like Jacking tool.

    Facebook will pick you off very quickly and it?ll be game over. This is a waste of your time and resources so don?t do it.

    As a creator and seller of a popular FB Like Jacking tool I know all too well how to get yourself blown out of the water by FB and also how to get away with Like Jacking for the long term. I ask you to listen to my advice here if you?re thinking about Like Jacking as it will save you time and stress. I?m looking to shorten your learning curve here.

    An important question to ask is ?Why are you Like Jacking and what are you trying to achieve from it??

    Honestly, if you can?t answer that question right now then you shouldn?t even begin to start Like Jacking at all.

    If you have an answer to this question then great but depending what that answer is will also decide if you should hold off on that Like Jacking project you?re planning. You see, if your answer is that you want to get 1,000?s of new Likes every day for your new FB page then STOP right there because you?re about to fall off a tall cliff.

    You simply cannot send too many Likes to a FB page in one day. Remember, FB know what doesn?t look like normal behavior and if you stand out then they?ll come see what you?re doing. You can easily avoid this simply by giving it a little thought BEFORE you start Like Jacking.

    If your page is new and has no likes, or very few likes, then it makes sense to start off slowly with sending Likes to that page. Facebook will know if it is presenting your page to others via its ?related/similar? pages algorithm and if a lot of Likes turn up at your page for reasons unknown to FB they?ll come and take a closer look.

    So the golden rule is to start of slow, real slow in most cases. Like Jacking isn?t a race, it?s a case of slow and steady for as long as possible. If you keep your head down there is no reason for FB to ever catch you Like Jacking.

    But this is Black Hat and like most BH things, eventually it comes to an end so you must keep this in mind when coming up with your strategy. Don?t plan on Like Jacking being there forever because it won?t. Even with the best tool in the world, eventually, something will change and either Like Jacking will no longer work at all or FB will catch you.

    So you need what I call a ?permanent revolving exit door? that you can funnel people through and away from the clutches of FB. The smart marker is always thinking slightly ahead and of what could go wrong. Having a system in place where you can funnel traffic from Facebook to a more reliable platform that you can control is a very wise idea and will serve you well on the future.

    And it?s this which brings me to the part where I ask you to look at the traffic you are getting to your website where the Like Jacking is taking place and see how well matched it is to the FB page you are getting Likes for.

    If you?re going to get any mileage out of Like Jacking then the traffic to your site must be targeted to your FB page as well.

    An example of bad targeting would be if your site was on the topic of a pop band, let?s say ?One Direction? for arguments sake, and if you were Like Jacking the traffic to this site with a Facebook page related to porn then you?re going to be in for a very painful lesson in the importance of targeted traffic.

    Why on Earth would visitors interested in 1D be interested in a porn related FB page?

    Remember, these people are being Like Jacked and yes they will notice something strange if they suddenly start seeing posts from your page appearing on the wall. The first thing they will do is reach for the ?unlike? button and when that starts happening you?ll soon attract the attention of FB ? which is what we?re trying to avoid, right?

    You HAVE to understand the importance of this part if you?re to have any real results from Like Jacking.

    ? Make sure the traffic to your site is targeted towards the theme of your FB page.

    OK, so we?ve got the idea of this so far, yeah? We?re going to be sensible with the number of Likes we get and traffic to our site is also targeted towards our FB page as well ? great.

    Now we need to devise our system where you move the traffic from FB and to our own online properties. What you do here will affect your results so make sure you have this part set up correctly according to your goals. Fortunately your options here are numerous.

    Among the options, and one of the most obvious, is getting people on to your email list so you can contact via email (although not 100% reliable for delivering your messages) rather than relying on FB deciding what updates they?ll see from your page. At the time of writing this FB are tightening things up and showing less and less marketing related content to people who have liked your page.

    So it?s becoming more important than ever to choose wisely what content you post to your page. Again, keeping it looking ?normal? with a mix of images and text updates as well as sharing content already posted on FB by others. What you?re aiming for is to get Likes on the content you post as FB is now using this as part of its algorithm when deciding how much of your content actually gets seen and by how many users.

    If you mix in some clever status updates that are designed to bring people to your site and opt-in form you?ll have more people see those updates which means more people to your email list. Don?t over complicate this, make it clear and make it simple.

    But what happens when things go wrong before you get to this point?

    What happens if FB blasts you clean out of the water and ?blacklists? your website and prevents it from being able to give any FB page Likes?

    No body panic ? everything is gonna be cool???.

    The following tactic is something that you could use before you start Like Jacking or as a repair measure if you get caught by FB.

    If you find that FB has decided it considers your activities unsavory and as punishment it stops your site from being able to send Likes to any FB page then all you need to do is set up a new site, using a new domain and set up a 301 redirect for all traffic from your original site to go to your new site.

    As long as the content is the same as your original site then your visitors won?t mind or even notice really and FB won?t be any the wiser as they won?t know where the traffic is coming from for your new site.

    If they slap your new site for the same thing then simply repeat this process with a new site. No, it?s not perfect and yes, it is a pain the rear but it?s a solution if you want to Like Jack the traffic that your site gets and you get caught out by FB.

    You can use this strategy if FB slaps your site or you could use it pro-actively. If it is the latter then the sites that you?re 301?ing your traffic to should be treated as nothing but throw away sites for the purpose of protecting your real traffic site from FB.

    It may be that one day you decide that you want to use your main site on FB without any of this Like Jacking business. If that is the case then using this 301 strategy is a good idea as it will protect your site perfectly.

    It's all about common sense at the end of the day and if you apply a little thinking before you begin then Like Jacking can serve you very well for a long, long time.

    I am happy to answer all of your questions relating to FB Like Jacking. Post them below and I'll happily answer them for you.


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