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BHW Buyers Beware - Imposters On Skype! This scam Can Happen To You..

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by howard_hughes, Jun 17, 2015.

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    Beware of Imposters on Skype!

    I had a client report this - Someone made a skype ID, Very Similar to mine. He Pretended to be me and Tried to ask for payments. My Client was diligent so the scam didn't fly, But the Next person might not be so diligent.

    When Clients post on your thread, asking for discounts or queries... Someone Could Pretend to be Seller on skype and take the money & scam your Potential Clients.

    If You are a Seller on BHW This could happen to you!

    -> Someone could make fake ids on skype, Similar to your, pretend to be you & contact buyers (on your thread) via Skype!
    If the buyer pays & never receives work or reports.. he would end up shitlisting the seller (Who isn't even aware of the fake transaction)

    If You are a Buyer on BHW This could happen to you!

    -> As a buyer, if you get contacted by Imposters pretending to be Reputable sellers. You could lose your money and it could be days/weeks before you realize this.

    How To Be Safe

    1. Deal with sellers on BHW pms - It's the Safest way out :)
    2. If you must use skype.. As a buyer, PM the seller on bhw to ask their skype.
    3. Don't just believe anyone who adds you on skype. Verify the Skype ID via The Skype mentioned in the Sellers Profile / BST / Via PM
    4. Buy Only Via Link Given in BST - NEVER Pay Directly to A Paypal ID - Unless The Paypal ID is mentioned in thread

    It might sound boring Crap, that could never happen to you.. (Just like it did to me) ... Until The Day It Happens To You.

    Safe BHW'ing!

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