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BH IM framework - daily tasks schedule to keep one disciplined?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by paalmtree, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. paalmtree

    paalmtree Newbie

    Jun 13, 2011
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    Yes, I know, what a lazy bum! But aren't all of us, in one way or another...

    So, ok... I've shared my challenges with you.
    I make good money, but not in IM yet, blah blah...
    I find IM very tedious, but I have no plan to give up.
    I just need to rewire my brain, and I bet, many others need the same cure. :)

    Ok, so, it would be interesting/helpful/inspiring to hear from experienced (and financially successful) IMers how they structure their day to keep themselves committed to their goal.

    So, if you will be so kind, can you please share:

    (1) how do you define your goals / metrics by which you measure the success of the day/week/month - if you have any... (i am sure not all will have... still)

    (2) what tools do you use on a daily basis as 1st priority, and which one once in a while?

    (3) how does your average day look like?
    >>>>>for example:

    My goal:
    5 new micro-sites/week; 100 links for each per day; conversion testing and getting to 5% per... blah blah...

    My daily schedule:

    8am-9am: I usually sip coffee and watch news,
    9am-10am: I research new niches using MarketSamurai (or whatever...)
    10am-11am: I create a few new articles and post them ____ (there and there)
    3pm-8pm: I nap
    8pm onward: I drink beer and love hot chicks relentlessly

    Something like that :)