Beware:Think twice before selling your CPA accounts


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Apr 2, 2008
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Few days ago there was a thread in freelance about some guys wanting to buy some accounts.
so i posted in the thread saying i can help.
and some hours back i got an aim from one of my am's and basically i dont know if she had seen that post or not but i think she doubted me about selling coz she was asking which all forums are you on and etc etc. I had a hard time convincing her.
i think she might be a member here and since my username here is related to my account with them.
so before posting about selling accounts always check ur info is not same as with ur affiliate accounts.
i did a mistake and wanted to warn you guys.
i 've know..haha..bhw became bigger and also come here.
Of course AMs frequent these forums. You'd be remiss to think otherwise.
I question why then... you even posted this in the first place - if you wanted to be undetected =/

I wouldn't sell my CPA account either though.. has your personal information..
i was not selling my cpa account.
i just wanted to warn people out thats why i posted.also the account
which got into trouble
did not meant so much to me.
Another case where you need to make sure your account here can't tie you into your CPA accounts in anyway.
do not sell acocunts
1 he can use your infor(include name .add,ssn) to do some thing and you didnot know
2 he get money. you pay tax
Thanks for the heads up, I had always wondered about that. I guess definitely important to make sure contact info doesn't match up.
Good look, on that info...i guess its good info for someone who was thinking about it.
If you let the networks call you you will get accepted 90% of the time. There is no need to purchase accounts.
I call them before they call me Gogeta-- and have had 100% acceptance.
Or even better, if you call them =) Just like an employer in the offline world, the want to see initiative.
do not sell acocunts
1 he can use your infor(include name .add,ssn) to do some thing and you didnot know
2 he get money. you pay tax

dude a month ago you where hitting me up to "share" accounts with you whats the difference ?
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