Beware The 12 Scams of Christmas!

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    Beware the '12 scams of Christmas'

    Consumers are being warned not to become victims of the "12 scams of Christmas" and to take extra care with personal and computer security.

    The National Fraud Authority (NFA), the UK Cards Association and the City of London Police have compiled the following list of the top 12 scams:

    1. Shopping and online auction fraud (counterfeit goods and websites)

    2. Credit and debit card fraud (including cash machine fraud)

    3. Scam ticket websites

    4. Lottery, prize draw and sweepstakes scams

    5. Identity fraud and theft

    6. Phishing emails, which aim to trick recipients into visiting fake websites and entering personal or bank details

    7. Scam letters (usually from west Africa or eastern Europe)

    8. Loan scams

    9. Premium phone line scams

    10. High-value item scams (offering shares, gemstones and fine wine, for example)

    11. Rogue doorstep sellers

    12. Slimming and miracle cures.