[BEWARE] Some Direct Downloads Have Malware

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    I have had to make a BEWARE post in this thread...

    I am NOT trying to be sensationalist about this at all, but simply trying to warn other members to take their due diligence seriously when considering "safe" and "direct" shares.

    Finally, I would ask other members to share their experiences, and please list any malware which you may have discovered (in ANY shares) in this thread to ensure that the community of BHW operates in as safe environment as possible, thus keeping its position as the best forum for all our members.

    Note to Mods, please edit this post as you see fit, but in all fairness, I do not think that the members of BHW really take their time, and read the various sticky threads and fulfil their obligation and responsibility, in this wonderful community of like minded individuals.

    I consider this "catch" to be fortunate in a way, but I would also expect members to now post their own particular experiences, (or report it to the Mods) so that the Mods can edit or delete those threads/posts as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading
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