Beware of "Xenki" a BIG Fraud

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    This person is a scam person.

    He told me that he can gather 10k facebook fans for a given fan page.

    For that he needs 50% advance and 50% after work done.
    I paid him on 14th April. First he accept the payment on 18th April. Then he is not able to do the work. At that time he promised me that he will do this work in 10 days.

    So i continuously asking him when he will able to do the work.

    In 23rd April he said me that he can not do this work.

    So i ask him to refund the money.

    He then told me that he do not know how to refund the money as the paypal id he given me that is his brother id.

    Then i make a paypal complain, for not providing service and issue me a refund.

    Then he ask me why i create a paypal complain. I simply told him that he should refund me the money as he is not able to do the work.
    from that day to till today he is not refund my money.

    As we know that in this type of issues where no product involve paypal usually cancel our refund request.

    So beware from this guy. Do not give him any work in future too.

    Here i have posted our conversion details:

    Through BHW---

    on 13th April 2010:

    Originally Posted by mrxinbollywood

    i am looking for 10k fans for my fan page.

    what will be price?

    in how many days 10k fans will be gathered?

    the price will be 80$ for 10k of USA peopels and it may take up to 10 days it depends on how much facebook is checking the fanpages so if facebook is making a big check in one day i can just send 1 -2k of suggests so lets say up to 10 days :d

    On 14th April 2010:

    Originally Posted by mrxinbollywood
    Ok so what abt payment?

    is it 100% upfront or 50% upfront and 50% after work complete. or i will release 20$ when you will reached 2500 fans.

    I can pay through paypal.
    payment is 50% upfront and 50% after the job is done
    my paypal is [email protected]

    send me the fanpage after you made the first fee


    On 17th April 2010:

    Originally Posted by mrxinbollywood
    i did not hearback from you?
    i'm here and i'll start suggesting tomorrow and i'll let you know when i start ;D


    This is the last message i received from Xenki in BHw: my friend by today i'm starting to promote your fanpage so i just wanted to let you know


    mrxinbollywood------- hi
    i found you have till now not started gathering fans for the given fan page
    i have given you to gather 10k fans
    Xenki-------- which one
    i had a problem
    with bhw account
    have you give
    Xenki-------- it in this date
    of april
    i haven't started yet
    because i have some exams
    but i'll start
    right now
    to send
    1000 suggests
    then later
    another 2000
    mrxinbollywood------- right now in that fan page 39559 fans
    Xenki-------- okay
    i'm really
    for being late
    but i have some exams
    in programing
    nd in math
    and i had to learn
    mrxinbollywood------- so when i expect you will start the work
    Xenki-------- right now
    mrxinbollywood------- :)
    Xenki-------- today
    i'll send
    up to 3000 suggest
    just to be safe from facebook bans
    is that any problem
    mrxinbollywood------- no not at all
    Xenki-------- do you sell
    social networking
    mrxinbollywood------- yep
    Xenki-------- do you need
    with facebook friends
    mrxinbollywood------- no
    Xenki-------- friends
    mrxinbollywood------- when you will start the work?
    if you can not do the work, please refund the money
    2already a lot of days wasted
    Xenki-------- i sent 3000 suggestions
    to youre page
    10 minutes ago
    mrxinbollywood------- are you serious on your work?
    Xenki-------- yeah
    i sent
    you can see
    you're page
    if there won't be friends
    i'll refund the moneys
    mrxinbollywood------- when i will expect 10k fans to given fan page?
    Xenki-------- i just sent 3000 suggestions
    after 4-5 hours
    i'll send
    anotehr 3k
    mrxinbollywood------- ok keep me update
    Xenki-------- yeah of course
    i'll do that
    till i finish the job
    mrxinbollywood------- can you update me what is going on your side?
    i continuously asking you when you will start gathering fans?
    i am considering you as you are not serious on this work at all\
    when we chat for this work, you have send me message that within 10 days you will gather 10k fans
    that means every day 1000 fans will be added
    but i can not see you are able to do this task at all, as till now only 100 fans gathered by you
    if you think you can do this work within the time then ok, otherwise please refund my money
    re you their?
    Please refund my money, as i found you are not able to gather fans for the given fan page
    i am cosnidering another person to do this task
    so plz refund my money
    Xenki-------- give
    me your pqaypal
    i have
    your moneys
    cause i'm not
    time to do this
    right now
    tell me fast because i don't have much time
    mrxinbollywood------- you can just login to your paypal account and cancel the payment
    Xenki-------- okay :D i'll do that
    after 2-3 hours because i'm going out right now
    see u
    you have get the payment
    mrxinbollywood------- no
    Xenki-------- but why you sen't a letter to paypal
    i said that i'm going to send moneys back
    mrxinbollywood------- you can go to resolve center and click on cancel payment
    Xenki-------- okay wait
    tell me how to do it
    if it is not a problem
    mrxinbollywood------- login to your paypal account
    Xenki-------- okay
    mrxinbollywood------- in right side you can see Resolution Centre
    where it mentioned Open Disputes & Claims (1)
    click on that
    Xenki-------- okay
    mrxinbollywood------- then you can view the case
    Xenki-------- okay
    because i didn't know how to do this
    i was sending
    by another paypal
    where i have moneys
    mrxinbollywood------- in right side of that case under action "views" mentioned
    click on that, then you can click on cancel the payment
    Xenki-------- do i have
    to write anything
    because it is something to write
    can you talk
    because i don't know
    what to do
    do i have
    just to post
    cancel the payment
    mrxinbollywood------- yes write that due to some problem you are not able to do the work, so you refund the payment
    Xenki-------- i sent
    24cancel the payment
    is that okay
    mrxinbollywood------- you have to cancel the payment
    you just post a message that cancel the payment
    Xenki-------- hety
    i canceled
    the paymen
    is that everything okay
    mrxinbollywood------- let me check
    Xenki-------- okay
    mrxinbollywood------- no you have not cancel payment yet
    you do not know the process???
    Xenki-------- i wrote
    cancel the payment
    mrxinbollywood------- what wrote?
    Xenki-------- and post it
    mrxinbollywood------- you have to click cancel payment button
    Xenki-------- i'll do that because my brother don't know how to do it because it is his paypal
    i told how you said to me
    mrxinbollywood------- ok, can you click the details of my payment
    in paypal
    in that mentioned " Issue a refund"
    click on that
    Xenki-------- then i have to click
    cancel the payment
    mrxinbollywood------- "issue a refund"
    in the details page it is mentioned
    it is mentioned in Transaction Details page of my transfer
    can you see that?
    Xenki-------- no till my brother will be online
    i told him to
    cancel the payment
    and he told me that he did
    but i'll say again
    because i think he didn't understand me well
    mrxinbollywood------- he post a message "cancel the payment"
    Xenki-------- thats he didn't know what to do
    mrxinbollywood------- till now you have not refunded my money
    Xenki-------- my brother will refund today
    because he has the paypal
    i called him
    mrxinbollywood------- how old are you?
    Xenki-------- 22
    mrxinbollywood------- so it is a advice from me: Do not take any one's project if you do not have direct payment receiving method and also do not know how to accept payment and refund payment
    Xenki-------- yeah for the first one you are right
    and thnx for advice
    for the second one
    i know how to refund
    but my brother didn't know how to do it
    but the moneys will be refund
    thats for sure
    mrxinbollywood------- i am not worried for money, you waste my 10 days thats why i worried
    i paid you on 14th and on 23 you said you can not do this task
    Xenki-------- i thought that it is possible to do but i wasn't :S
    mrxinbollywood------- my 10 days waste unnecessarily
    Xenki-------- yeah you are right
    and i'm really sorry
    mrxinbollywood------- so why you are not able to gather 10k fans?
    Xenki-------- i don't know
    first i didn't send to a lot of accounts
    but there were
    enough accounts
    so there could be
    10.000 fans
    peopels always
    look for some big lies
    to become a fan
    mrxinbollywood------- no i do not think so
    Xenki-------- or maybe
    i just didn't know
    how to suggest to them
    mrxinbollywood------- hey when u refund money?
    i am afraid that your brother do not know how to refund payment?
    if you know. then login to his paypal account and refund the payment it is in resolution centre.
    when you will refund money?
    i just do not understand
    you are a big fraud
    you have no intention to refund money
    are you going to refund my money or not???
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    At last after so many day, Xenki Refund my payment to my paypal id. But people beware of this guy as he claims he can gather lot of facebook fans, but i found he can not gather even 500 fans for any facebook fan page.

    So beware if any one interested to do any business with him.