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Beware of This CL Poster!!! Major Scammer!!!

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by bugsbunny, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. bugsbunny

    bugsbunny Newbie

    Oct 16, 2008
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    A word of caution and warning to everyone...

    There is a guy who offers himself here and I assume elsewhere as an experienced, trustworthy CL poster. Don't be fooled!!!

    His current name here on BHW is "Profs".

    His Yahoo name is: stshahin

    His current email is: zakir hossain <[email protected]>

    His paypal is: [email protected]

    Country Located: Bangledesh

    His supposed real name is: shahin mahmud

    Obviously be aware that now that he knows I'm reporting this and making all this public he will likely seek to change his info so as to go unnoticed by others.

    So here's the deal.....I hired this guy to post for me on CL and my experience with him was nearly a complete disaster.

    1. After I paid him, he only posted 50% of the ads I ordered.

    2. He pretended to be very experienced before hand and then after he started doing the posting he was very unable to get ads live on CL.

    3. For 4 days straight he gave me nothing but more and more excuses as to why he was unable to post and begged me for more and more time.

    4. Many of the ads I asked him to post he did not post the copy that I had given him. He simply elected to trash the copy I gave him and post whatever he wanted. When I demanded that he cease and desist and that he was to post the ads that I gave him, he insisted that he was not going to repost any of the ads.

    5. Tons of ads he posted were ghosted and he also refused to repost these ads. Mind you that before I paid him he agree to repost all ghosted ads free of charage and also to repost all flagged ads (once off) within 8 hours. None of these things he did.

    6. Nearly everything we agreed to he dishonored and discarded and simply did as he wished. Despite my complaints he persisted to promise to fix things and make things right and then the next day he would proceed to do more disrespect to all the terms we agreed to.

    7. This guy comes off very nice, cordial and honest but once he got my money on 2 different occassions he proceed to get angry at me and sware at me because I was getting upset at all the BS and dishonesty on his part. He would then apologize and ask for another opportunity to make things right.
    I patiently gave this guy nearly a week to fix things and he never did.

    8. In the end he bates and switches and accuses me of defrauding him because I refuse to pay him money for all ghosted ads! After I told him several times I would report him to paypal for fraud, he had the nerve and audacity to say that he would report me to paypal for not paying him more money for all these ghosted ads. I paid him 50% upfront and was suppose to pay him 50% upon completion and verification of everything.
    Needless to say I refuse to pay him the balance because he did not deliver the services he promised and agreed to on the first half of all the ads he posted. In all honestly I must say that the very 2nd day of posting he did well and deliver as he promised. But this was the only day out of the entire week that he delivered as promised! All the other postings he did was either ghosted or he just discarded my copy and posted what he wanted or he refused, then agreed, the refused again to repost ghosted ads or flagged ads which he initially promised to do without any additional cost.

    9. On several occassions during this week of hell, he offered to refund some of my money and then right away changed his mind and begged me to allow him another opportunity to fix things because he said he didnt have the money to refund. Me being and idiot agreed 2 times to this. But each time he broke his promised again and screwed me and did not post my ads as instructed.

    10. If this guy even tries to refute or flame my post and review here, please note that I have all emails, chat transcripts and paypal records to refute and lies that he may attempt to posture in order to justify and defend his delivery of poor services and fraud. Obviously I will not post all of that stuff here. Would not be appropriate to do so. But if he should attempt to defend against anything I've said here, I will gladly email the entire history to anyone here who wants to see for themselves who is telling the truth regarding this matter.

    10. I would advise anyone and everyone here to stay away from this guy.
    He is from somewhere in Bangledesh. Communicates very well in english. Comes off real cordial and nice but he is a lying, dishonest snake.

    Consider yourself warned!!!!
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