Beware of the Scammers in


Jan 17, 2015
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I'm writting this because I've not seen any other reports about this site in this forum, except for this:
Than mainly focus in that theoretically is different.

The best part is that the owner of is user in this forum: @seogroupbuy

They used to offer both Paypal and Credit Card (Stripe) payments but considering that they probably received a ton of complaints through Paypal they removed this payment option.

Last month ~2th April, I was looking for a fast GB because I needed to check some domains quickly in a rush, so accidentally I stumbled into this site. They seemed legit, and without checking much more information about them in other sites (like BHW) I bought a service with them for $15.

After payment and confirmation, everything seemed fine: they sent me a RDP access and I could check 1 domain in Ahrefs. Afterwards the access was blocked for limits surpassing. So I contacted the support center, and they told me that they were going to solve this. The next day I contacted again and same excuse no solutions. I repeated this for several days since I did not want to buy a full subs because I only wanted to check 2 extra domains so finally I asked them for a refund.

Everytime you write them and put the word "REFUND" they close the conversation. So after some tries I ended forgiving them and cancelling the subscription and removing my Credit Card from their system.

What is the worst surprise? This month I receive another charge in my credit card for a subscription renewal. I've contacted them again to ask for cancellation and refund but obviously when they read the word REFUND they close the chat. So I had to remove my credit card today and ask for another one (10 days waiting for the new one)

So essentially and in conclusion beware of these scammers. Also, I thought that Stripe was a secure payment system like Paypal, to discover that it is not: is just another gateway. Be aware of this.

Lesson learnt: Never trust Stripe in unknown sites, and obviously be cautious of this random shitty GB sites.


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Mar 22, 2011
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SHIT.. I registered with them last month, accounts worked fine for a while then exactly what you are saying is happening.

All the accounts are not working, they reply with it will be fixed soon and that is it. My subscription renewal will be tomorrow! F****

I had to know, if they are not accepting Paypal, they are scamming! It's A-B lesson on how not to get scammed