Beware of Offer Alliance SCAM CPA Network!

Discussion in 'CPA' started by exile, Jul 2, 2013.

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    May 12, 2011
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    In the begining of this year, I was looking for one particular offer on offervault and I found it in this scam network.
    Checked them in affpaying (they had a couple of positive reviews) and I asked about them here, but I got no response.
    Anyway, I decided to try them and run that offer for only a day, because minimum payout is $50, and I earned $90,75 which was enough to see if I wil get paid in the end of the month.


    I talked to one AM, and she told me that other two AMs (which names are on affpaying) are not working there anymore. Ok, I thought, that was a bit fishy...
    After a month, that AM which I was talking is not answering me anymore, then I added another AM which told me that that AM is not working there anymore. Ok, that was more fishy, but hey I thought if they pay me I dont care (boy was I wrong) ;)
    I didnt receive any payments even when two months passed, and finaly got an answer... Check which was sent to me was returned back to them, even though my payment method was wire ?! So, this was the first lie...
    Then they told me I will be paid via wire if I pay bank charges, which I agreed of course because its a small amount and I choosed wire in the first place.
    Three months passed and I havent received a dime, and a new lie from this scammers is that their bank had some problems with sending money ?! Yeah, they didnt have a better lie for me :)

    So guys, even though its a small amount of money (it could be much more if I continued sending traffic to them), I just wanted to warn you all and save you the trouble dealing with this scam network.

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