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Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by lschmidt, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    I decided to try running some PPC ads on findology, specifically their RON (Run of Network) ads. So when you sign up, you are required to deposit at least $25 to give your account a positive balance so you can start running ads. Now here's where they screw you:

    1) As you get ad clicks, the cost for those clicks is deducted from your account balance. So naturally, one would think that once your account balance reaches $0.00 you will need to deposit more money to run more ads....WRONG. Your account balance will actually go NEGATIVE and now you OWE money to findology. This is EXTREMELY misleading because the whole point of having an "account balance" and "adding funds" makes you believe that you need funds in your account to be able to run ads....WRONG. It doesn't matter if you deposit money or not into your account, they will let you run ads and just charge you. It would be fine if they advertised themselves as charging you in that method (the same way adwords charges you), except the ONLY reason they include the "account balance" and "adding funds" features is to MISLEAD you into unknowingly running ads when you think your account balance has reached $0.00 and no ads should be running for that reason.

    2) You can set daily caps on how much you want to spend. EVERY day I advertised with Findology, the amount I was charged went OVER my daily limit.

    3) The quality of traffic is TERRIBLE. I did a test by seeing how long users sent by their ads stayed on a landing page. The majority of users were only on the page for a fraction of a second. This means one thing only...AUTOMATED CLICKING BOTS are visiting your site, not real people.

    4) Customer support is TERRIBLE. I spent from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM calling findology, going through their phone system and tried to contact EVERY department available, even dialing random extensions. All I ever got was voicemail boxes. I eventually had to e-mail EVERY contact e-mail address listed on their site and requested that they call me. Finally I got a call back.

    5) The person on the phone I spoke with said (in regards to my complaint about misleading billing system), "'s not very prominent but if you read the small text in our TOS it says your account balance can become negative..." Regardless of whether it's in the small text or not, the fact remains that they are PURPOSELY misleading customers!

    With that said, I'm not saying DON'T use findology. If you can make money from running ads with them, then do it. But just know be careful because they will try to screw you out of your money any chance they get.
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    I just started running a contextual campaign on findology, and they haven't done any of that to me. Did you suspend your ads? When I called them, I got left a voicemail, and someone called me right back.
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    I've been testing out Findology lately. They suck ass so far.

    Claim to have good responses, but seriously - not the case at all.

    Although I've had some luck with a few other affiliate campaigns.
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    i tried to do some arbitrage woth them and i had 0% convertions, i agree they suck