Better way to monetize a video that is going viral?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by l7ucid, Mar 20, 2013.

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    May 6, 2012
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    So, I have been in the YouTube game for a a year or two and only just started making money with it within the past 6 months. Just hit over $900 today from downloading videos and reuploading them. I had a few $200 months but recently I got an account banned and before that my profits have been seriously plummeting to less than a 1/4th (until I uploaded this great video).

    Anyway so here is the situation: I uploaded a video 3 days ago and it's currently at around 70k views, I had it monetized and so far I have made about $10 yesterday and $20 so far today from it in Adsense. I also have a CPC through which has: 393 clicks and about $6 earned so far.

    My questions are: would I maybe have better results referring to a product or would that probably not be a good idea as my video is about 3 minutes and is comedy based video. Also should I maybe add my own boost of views to the natural traffic to maybe try to push it to the front page? Would this help it grow or should I just let the normal traffic do it's thing? I currently have just TrueView ads enabled as I have had better conversions with this type of ad but does anyone have better results with the overlay type?

    And finally, are there any better CPC sites that anyone could recommend that accepts YouTube traffic? my current mylikes offer is working out like $10 per 1000 clicks which isn't too bad but I am sure there are better out there.

    Thanks for reading and if you could respond or help me out it would be greatly appreciated.