Better to use subdomain for some of my pages?


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Sep 8, 2013
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Hey Folks

I'm working on a product listing type website at the moment. When a user clicks on a product in the list they are brought to dedicated page for that product. ex.

Each of these product pages has 3 or 4 outbound links to the products own website and a few more to their social networks.

The content on the page is mostly figures and a copy of the products description from their website.

Outside of the product pages I am trying to rank for keywords in a blog section for the niche my website is in. I spend time writing well researched long articles and a few other pages with 300-500 word type articles.

Would the best practice here be to put each of the products on their own subdomain?

I don't need to rank for the specific products just the niche they are in.
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