Better to use page generator or doorway pages generator ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blannyjeanna, May 22, 2008.

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    Hi to all good afternoon,

    Just want to know please witch one

    1- less risky
    2- give very quick traffic online please

    page genrator
    or doorway pages generator

    Both are online.

    Thanks a lot
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    Your question is very broad but I will try to answer as best as I can. You have got to be a noob.

    A doorway page is a page that is used by visitors to enter your site. Most web masters think of a doorway page as a page which is optimized for a specific keyword or select keywords and may redirect to or be cloaked to present a sales letter or other highly targeted page in the site.

    A page generator is simply that. Software which generates pages for a website. So in theory a doorway page generator is a page generator. I think what you are asking is which one should you use to get visitors to come to your site via SEOing (free traffic).

    There are a few doorway page generators but most of them will leave footprints (similar or the same coding, text, or links which let the BIG G know you are using the software) which can get you banned or not even listed. An example of a footprint would be something you can search for and find all the sites which were generated by the software.

    If you are looking for something to just make redirect pages or cloaked pages I would try RSSGM or YACG. Both are free and you can use your own templates to avoid making footprints. Make sure to use the markov tool to shuffle the text to make it somewhat unique. :eek:

    As usual the same holds true for doorway (BH) pages as the WH ones.


    So spend some time making your own templates and finding unique text. Anything boxed for mass distribution may be easy to find and create but will soon have many users which normally ruins the SERP listings for everyone.

    There are some exceptions where footprints are not bad like: Wordpress, blogger, ect. as they are also used by many to publish legit sites with good content. For BH though find your own set of tools to make pages or have something coded at elance or GAF. It may be harder but you'll actually make money for more than a few months.