[BETA TESTERS] Google scraping proxies

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I use scrapebox and GSA and im sure that I can provide valuable info for you!
I would to like to test your proxies. I am links indexing service provider and i need proxies for google to check whether url is indexed in google or not.
I understand that being a new BHW member might make you uncertain about my acceptance of your request.

However, I am keen to explore this opportunity, as I manage over 20 domains with all link building executed via GSA SER. I utilize multiple copies of both GSA and Scrapebox for scraping purposes.

Additionally, I own Xrumer and, as long as I am using GSA for Tier 1, I exclusively scrape Google.

I am interested in testing, and potentially purchasing, proxies specifically for Google scraping.

Please send me a private message. I am willing to pay or test anything you suggest, given my strong interest in scraping Google. Lol!
interested. I would like not only to test but also buy. Currently using webshare 1000 proxies package with Google verification on.

PM if you are still looking beta testers.

PS : I was a beta tester of many GSA / scrape box and Magic submitter products..
Not open for further replies.
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