best ways to promote click bank products?

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    There are many different ways of promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate.

    the inescapable essentials are
    You have to choose wisely the products you promote (because if you get that wrong, it clearly won't make any difference what else you do).

    it is a very big process and cannot be said in a single post so here is my first post
    regarding how to select a product

    Here's a 10-point checklist for CB product-selection

    . Has to be a niche in which the prospective customers are not already Clickbank affiliates themselves (obviously! - otherwise how can you possibly ever earn an affiliate commission on a sale to them?!) - so for me that completely excludes the "IM advice" and "make money online" niches.

    2. No leaks on the sales page: (no opt-in, no "free trial", no "contact the vendor here" etc.)

    3. No ridiculous hype or deceptive tactics on the sales page (nothing obviously non-FTC-compliant, no phony urgency/scarcity, nothing clearly deceptive/dishonest, no credibility-losing claims, no income-claims, no cancer-curing claims, no deceptive crap about "as seen on Yahoo/MSN" which people will rightly ridicule!).

    4. No pop-ups/discounts.

    5. Gravity not too high (over 30 puts me off a bit; over 60 puts me off a bit more; over 100 I won't consider at the moment).

    6. Sales-page looks to me as if it will convert my traffic well (obviously subjective and not entirely reliable, but as a copywriter I like to think I can guess pretty well, and I can tell whether it's "professional copy" or "home-made copy" - and I don't care about anyone else's traffic so "overall conversion rates" aren't relevant to me, not that they're available anyway).

    7. Good product (I don't promote anything without seeing and assessing it myself, obviously)

    8. Good vendor reputation/attitude/behaviour (I'll contact them first, one way or another, and if I don't get a reply I won't promote their product, because I can imagine what their after-sales behaviour will be like if they won't even reply to a prospective business associate).

    9. Reasonably high earnings per sale (75% of small amount, 60% of medium amount, 50% of larger amount etc.) - I slightly prefer more expensive products around $100 when I can find them, because I think they're easier for me to sell than cheaper ones (really).

    10. Has to be something I can write about (I'm an article marketer) - for me, that probably excludes anything terribly technical or for which I'll have to go to night school to understand the vocabulary.
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    Have you ever found a CB product to fit all those specifications?! :)

    I admit i never really dug into it, but a i never stumbled on a CB product salespage not to make (at best just) hyped claims. The big majority also have email capture forms and contact details (i believe this is required by CB to approve the site for selling)
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    You can have too much gravity, for certain, but in many respects a score under 30 can be too little gravity. You want enough sales from CB to feel objectively confident the product has its own sales momentum. 40-90 or 50-100 is thought to be the decent sweet spot, and selected products between 100-160 can also work.
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    keep in mind opt in fields on the sales page aren't always bad. some sellers use your affiliate link in follow up emails. others don't though and it's a waste to send them traffic so always check first.