Best Ways To Market Your Business Online and Offline - Share Your Experiences With Us!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by IProvideSEO, Feb 20, 2014.

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    I have been researching for the last couple of weeks the best ways to market your business and generate leads/sales. I wanted to share with everyone what I have found and ask that we all add comments on additional ways to market a business online and offline.

    I have tested out some of these marketing methods and will comment on the experience/results as well.

    1. Join a networking group - (I joined BNI networking group which has chapters throughout the U.S. and referrals for Web design clients have already started coming in)
    2. Join your local chamber of commerce
    3. SEO your website - (I have had clients and lots of proposals sent through my website because of SEO rankings)
    4. Create and market a Youtube Video - (I have created youtube videos for my services and my clients, haven't seen any positive results)
    5. Respond to Craigslist ads - (I keep coming back to this method and don't know why, haven't had any success in 2 years)
    6. Pay Per Click Adwords (Tried this several times and spent about $300, with no leads. I have clients that spend $1,500 per month and generate 1-2 leads per day)
    7. Paid Online Press Release - (I send out about 8 PRweb press releases per month and get minimal results, maybe 1-2 leads over a year).
    8. LinkedIn - (I have created a SEO Group and got real members up to 42 but barely any interaction besides my posts)
    9. Facebook, Twitter - (Some interaction here but no leads have come through social media)
    10. Yelp Reviews
    11. Local Newspaper Ads
    12. Direct Mail - (I sent out 50 postcards expecting maybe 1 or 2 phone calls and received 4-5 over a 3 month period.)
    13. Cold Calling
    14. Cross Referrals - Work with another vendor in a similar industry

    Please share your experiences with any marketing strategy that you have tried