Best Way To Use Expired Domain in Y Directory and DMOZ?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by webhead, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I have a source of high PR expired domains that are listed in Yahoo directory and/or DMOZ.

    What is the best way to utilize these domains?

    Right now I am using a few as permanent 301 redirects to my money sites. Is the best use for them?

    I have about setting up blogs on these domains but I am looking for something as LOW MAINTENANCE and high value as possible.

    The best suggestion will get a PM from me revealing the source of my domains and/or a high PR expired domain in the niche of your choice. (You pay reg. fees.)
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    Jun 19, 2011
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    I think it depends more on the domain itself.

    For instance, if one of them was previously an ecommerce site, I'd probably be getting it redirect to Amazon via my affiliate link. If one of them was travel related, I'd probably try something like Expedia. And the more existing backlinks for them, the merrier for those kind of redirects.

    For domains that are their own brand or not nicely in an affiliate niche, I'd maybe see if I can make them an authority site. Load it up with articles and then use it for high PR links to your money sites. If it's high enough PR, sell links!

    The third thing I'd consider trying to do is see what keywords the domains are ranking on, then find competitors for those keywords with a lower ranking. Then lease them a 301. That way you don't have to do anything, they get a better ranking and you get a revenue stream.
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    Set them up on different hosting providers with geo-physically diverse locations and make your own high PR blog network. Sell posts with contextual links as well as link to your own money sites.
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    How many do you have? Maybe we can work together on this