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    What is the best way to spread a blog? Im looking to get some traffic but just dont know how to get it, what would you recommend in order to get more traffic? What would be the best way to spread a blog?

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    1. Optimize your blog on site.
    2. Submit your blog to feed directories.
    3. Make sure you ping wherever you can.
    4. Post new content as frequently as you can.
    5. Use a feedburner chicklet count when the number gets big.
    6. Submit your blog to standard directories.
    7. Be active in social networks and pay attention to ********.
    8. Write articles and submit them elsewhere.
    9. Join places like Squidoo and HubPages and create related pages.
    10. Write and submit press releases.
    11. Submit your articles to online news sites.
    12. Comment on blogs and pay attention to ********.
    13. Comment on an .edu blog if you get a chance for a real comment.
    14. Be active in forums and use a link to your blog in the signature.
    15. Use free hosting and free blog hosting to create other related sites.
    16. Interlink all of these pages from various free websites and networks.
    17. Write software and submit it to shareware sites.
    18. Give away a free ebook.
    19. Get a professional design and submit it to css directories.
    20. Write flagship articles frequently and put your heart in them.
    21. Try using numbers in blog post titles.
    22. Create huge lists of things like this one.
    23. Create a list of other blogs in your niche.
    24. Write frequent articles that do nothing but link to other bloggers in your niche.
    25. Guest posts on your site.
    26. Write guest posts on other sites.
    27. Have a contest.
    28. Put your blog url in the signature of emails.
    29. Put your blog url on printed materials like business cards and letterheads.
    30. Get a bumper sticker with your blog's url.
    31. Post flyers on community billboards.
    32. Mention your blog at conferences and give your business cards away.
    33. Reference other bloggers as much as you can, especially if they show trackbacks.
    34. Give away a free theme with a link to your blog in the footer.
    35. Write about up and coming people and products in the niche. Sometimes they link to stories.
    36. Bookmark and promote as many other bloggers in the niche as you can. They sometimes reciprocate.
    37. Tag similar sites on delicious and other sites so that you get known for finding worthwhile sites.
    38. Get friends to promote your posts at various networks.
    39. Pay attention to memes so you are ready to pounce on one that could help you get traffic.
    40. Trade blogroll links with related blogs.
    41. Capture emails and start a newsletter to make sure potential customers are coming back.
    42. Use Google Adwords to promote product landing pages that I know are already profitable.
    43. Link to other blogs whenever I can. When I forget about link juice going out, it always seems to pay off.
    44. Add ******** to encourage more comments and hence more content.
    45. Deep link to other posts in the blog with each new post.
    46. Use memes tracker and find hot related conversations you can jump in to.
    47. Create a simple product and launch an affiliate program.
    48. Start your own viral idea.
    49. Start one of those fun tagging things but don't go overboard.
    50. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and other answer sites.
    51. Contribute to Google Groups and other new groups.
    52. Write product reviews of related products on Amazon and other ecommerce sites.
    53. Create related wish lists at Amazon.
    54. Create a related Ebay blog.
    55. Create a widget and give it away.
    56. Create a Facebook app and give it away.
    57. Write a plugin for Wordpress and give it away.
    58. Be off the wall and stupid every once and a while.
    59. Pay for links.
    60. Sign guestbooks.
    61. Write testimonials.
    62. Review other blogs.
    63. Install a page translation plugin.
    64. Review sites on Alexa.
    65. Review products on Epinions and other similar sites.
    66. Get a keyword based Twitter account and use it well.
    67. Build one or more on site tools.
    68. Interview other people in your niche.
    69. Write a Firefox extension.
    70. Write a free php script and submit it to script directories.
    71. Use MyBlogLog and other blog networks to their fullest potential.
    72. Create video posts and tutorials and submit them to as many video sites as you can.
    73. Use pictures in your posts and store them online with good names, descriptions and tags on a public site like Flickr.
    74. Give away free things.
    75. Write in a beginner's voice.
    76. Comment and be part of the community on online newspapers.
    77. Attend local blogger's meetups.
    78. Create surveys.
    79. Help people, collect your testimonials and put them on a testimonial page.
    80. Write about celebrities.
    81. Create backgrounds, templates and themes for social sites like MySpace.
    82. Hire blog writers to write for you.
    83. Hire bloggers to write about you.
    84. Donate to a charity that links back.
    85. Beg on the street corners for links.
    86. Use Fast Blog Finder
    87. Submit to blog carnivals.
    88. Host blog carnivals.
    89. Build lists on list sites. Yes, there are some left like listable.
    90. Comment on Flickr images.
    91. Submit your blog to "cool site" contests.
    92. Give away a screensaver.
    93. Give away a toolbar.
    94. Submit your ebook to ebook directories.
    95. Write tutorials and submit them to tutorial sites.
    96. Write for content sites like Gather, Helium and Associated Content.
    97. Contribute to wiki's.
    98. Get a Google sitemap plugin and use it.
    99. Submit to blog specific directories and networks.
    100. Join BlogCatalog and be active.
    101. Join Entrecard and use it as a tool to comment on other blogs and bring traffic.
    102. Use featured post and popular post widgets to keep new visitors on the site longer.
    103. Run newspaper classifieds.
    104. Run ads on free classified sites.
    105. Start a controversy but be careful.
    106. Get software like RankSense to help you with SEO on your blog.
    107. Introduce yourself to other bloggers in your niche and keep in contact.
    108. Use Odiogo to convert your feeds into podcasts and submit these to podcast sites.
    109. Use a similar posts type plugin and add this to your feeds also.
    110. Allow anything to scrape your site just remember to constantly deep link your site.
    111. Constantly improve your content.
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    yeah. what he said.
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    Whoa - nice list! makes me feel lazy looking at all the things I'm not doing...:eek:
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    Ah well, I guess there are loads of lazy blackhats :) Another lazy one reporting in here hehe
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    Then where are my thanks.. You ungrateful SOB's ;)

    It took me a long time to google that and post it!
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    jeebus my eyes are burning. good stuff
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    wow, thats a good list.

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    Jag, can I turn that into an E-book? You could sell that list somewhere as the "magical blog money making feature set of inventive ideas". I'm going to go buy that domain right now.
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    haha, if you want to waste your time writing an ebook go for it. Just google free ebooks and sell one of those if you can BS well. I COPIED ALL THIS INFO!... As stated previously ;)

    There is no such thing as a new idea in this world only a person capable of selling you on the product.
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