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    I'm an artist and in need of legitimate Twitter followers (EG: not just 1000+ Auto-Follow-Back accounts, but people in my niche and interests in this case a sub-genre of art)

    I know plenty of the Twitter Tool sites offer impressions on searches and others things-I'm currently utilizing Hummingbird-I update my self personally 10-20 times a day with relevant information on my art and followers art etc. As this is my OWN personal/business Twitter.

    Has anyone found good success from one service to another? Does anyone sell a service to help you get relevant, real, followers?

    If anyone interested in helping a young artist with over 50+ paintings in his portfolio gain some publicity/backlinks/followers please shoot me a message-I would be more than willing to repay you for your troubles with a unique signed art piece on canvas of your own (Sell online for $80-220 Each)
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