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    Hello BHW,

    Today i gonna share my video promoting way, its the best ever i applied. I know every body knows that. its little bit expensive than buying bulk view but 10000000% effective + white hat process. Most of the time i bought bulk view & my video gets banned after fewdays. 3 days ago i hv tried micro worker for geo located youtube views & i got the excellent feed back.Paid only 0.05cent for every retention views + click on the video ads.

    what i did :

    1st i put my video link in my facebook ,twitter & my blog page. then i made 3 different campaign with the 3link (fb, twitter, yt) i hv paid $10 per campaign. My campaign requirement were: Have to see the full video & click on my video ads + I asked 2 prove 1st was what happen at last 10 sec of the video & which add you click + give the link of website where you visited by clicking on the ad. I also made another campaign who only see my video fully but do not click on ads.

    I know my video keywords & youtube must not put ads out of the related keywords so i could track them, they done well. I only got real 600 traffic for $30 but i could make money by youtube ads. I know its huge money for these low views. But i did it for this views must not fall any more & I got money with ads + video getting high rank . I have fried the fish with fish oil :):cool:. I know i did this black hatly but youtube count these traffic as white traffic :p.

    I know i could not write this nicely so im sorry for that. I just shearing my success & im not telling that everybody will be succeed with this way / try this way.
    Thanks for reading my stupid article.
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