Best way to promote a product?

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    It may seem like one of those 'Teach me how to make 1mil' threads but I have a nutritional supplement that I'm looking into selling, products will be purchased wholesale, packaged and branded by me.
    Once I have a website setup and the products ready to ship, I would expect most people would begin to try and rank the site for its keyword. But for this product, I think it would be rather difficult and would take a long time before I managed to sell any of my product. I was looking for a little help on what you think would be a good way to get the product of the ground, I was thinking about sending 10 review samples to experienced users of previous nutritional supplements so that they could test out the product and in turn they would write reviews on highly regarded discussion forums, thus getting my product know, which would send the right people to my website. I was also looking into affiliate marketing.
    Do you guys have any tips? I'm just a bit lost

    p.s wasn't sure what section to post this in but I think this would have been the best one to post it in since its in regards to physical products and product promotion.