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Best way to make money as a good programmer with tons of unused IPs, adult blogs maybe?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by sylo12, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. sylo12

    sylo12 Newbie

    Jan 16, 2014
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    I'm a programmer and I've been researching here for a while what the best way to make money would be for me.
    I have access to hundreds of new and unused IPs in europe and I'm a pretty good programmer, so I can write all my own bots, content rippers, auto posters etc., but my english isn't that good.

    So from what I've read something that would fit my skills would be social network porn stuff, and going for huge quantity over quality.
    Automatically creating many Tumblrs/Twitters/Pinterest accs etc., and monetizing with porn affiliate banners (crackrev./awempire cams/...) on the tumblrs and by getting traffic to my custom wordpress blogs with plugrush popunders and similar ads.

    I know there is little value in such traffic compared to other methods but I have access to a few hundred unused IPs per day so I think if I can create a few thousand tumblrs and blogs over time this should be financially viable even with the somewhat lower quality of completely automated content rippers and blogs.
    Even if each WP blog only gets a few dozen or a few hundred vistors a day, with hundreds or thousands of them that should still make a nice income, right?

    I think because of my somewhat limited english skills and good programming this would be a good method for me to try.
    But I don't have any experience with this and don't want to waste too much time.

    Do you guys think this would be viable?
    Or could you suggest better methods for good programmers with access to IPs?

    I'm happy about any advice, thanks!