Best way to get traffic, across any number/kind of sites?

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    I have a question that might be a bit more general than usual: What is the best general strategy to get the most total Traffic, irrespective of how many or what kind of websites I use to get it, or of how well it would convert?

    Say I want 10k unique visitors daily - actual visitors on real sites I put up. I don't care if it's from a few sites or a hundred, nor do I care about the content of the sites. I do prefer sustainable traffic, however, rather than using sites likely to be de-indexed at some point. Unless I can put up new ones even faster than that happens.

    I don't want to buy the traffic, but I am fine with paying for SEO services to get sites ranked in order to get this traffic. Again, real traffic on real sites, though with no concern for monetization at this point. I don't plan to put any ads on these sites in the near future. I'm completely flexible on quality; if building up a handful of really high quality sites, all unique content, good design, going for legitimate and respectable backlinks, etc. - i.e. pretty much totally whitehat - is the way to go, that's fine with me. If it's faster and easier to get the same level of traffic by putting up masses of auto-generated content with thousands of crummy backlinks, that is equally cool with me. I don't need results tomorrow, or in a week from now.. but I don't want to wait many months without seeing the traffic either.

    Any tips on the best general strategy? Should I focus on a handful of really high quality sites built around medium-volume keywords? A wider assortment of niche-keyword sites with decent quality, though not a huge quantity, of original content? Or should I just to put up tons low quality sites / autoblogs? And if the latter, since I assume some or even most of these eventually get de-indexed, what is the best way to do SEO for a large number of sites like this?
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