Best way to get really inexpensive flights / hotel?

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    What's the best way to get really inexpensive flights / hotel / rent a car? I'm looking for an answer a little more detailed than "orbitz / priceline".
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    There are obviously some good websites to help out with this but a few other options are:

    - book flights last minute...if it isn't urgent to book in advance, waiting closer to the date can save you some cash. you can also look at nearby cities for cheaper flights

    - for hotels, call them up directly and ask them for a cheaper rate. a lot of times they can give you a great rate that will match or beat the lowest online rate. it is hard for someone to turn down a customer when they know it is a sure booking.

    - rental cars are kinda the same as hotels. call a local rental place and ask them what deal tehy can give you for a car in the destination city.
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    And as an addition to Jagged 55's good suggestions...don't get your rental car from the airport location. They charge you more for the convenience. Go just a little ways out and get better rates. And most will pick you up.

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    sometimes its good to book far in get the cheap seats they advertise ;)
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    I use to be a member at Freebie Force and got this tip from their site. It tells how to stay Free at 4-Star hotels.

    The 4-Star Hotel Tutorial (How to stay COMPLETELY FREE)
    (Note: excerpts from the book ?The Legal Thief? have been included in this tutorial, and expanded upon with screen shots, further information for members only, and other concepts that the book simply didn?t have room for.)

    Now, let?s talk Hotels?

    You might think that finding hotels for cheap or free is impossible.

    Not so, I say!

    There are a few ways to accomplish traveling in style for cheap or even free.

    First, you might start with ? a site dedicated to traveling on a budget. Actually, it?s a site dedicated to traveling on NO budget. Now, that?s more like it.

    On the front page of this site, you will find a group of people who are spending their time doing one thing, and one thing only:

    Finding price mistakes and ?Best-Rate Guarantees?.

    First, let?s hit the important (and GUARANTEED part) ? the ?Best-Rate Guarantee?.

    Ah, but at 4-star hotels, you say??

    Yup. As an example, let?s take a quick look at the Wyndham Hotel in San Diego, one of the nicest hotels in the area and one I would certainly recommend if you have the opportunity to visit.

    The Wyndham Hotel, San Diego, California

    The ?Traditional Room? at this hotel is $179.00 a night. So if you were wondering, by chance, if your membership to was worth it, I can answer that question in just one night. One night at the Wyndham, anyways.

    Here?s what will tell you about booking this reservation:

    ?$0/night - Wyndham San Diego at Emerald Plaza - San Diego, CA - Wyndham San Diego at Emerald Plaza, 400 West Broadway, San Diego, CA. Book on ($207/night), then fill a best rate guarantee claim to have your rate lowered to $0. Lower rate found on ($189/night) for Apr 16 (and possibly many other dates). Note: Wyndham webrates are non-cancelable.
    Posted on on Mar 14 2007.?

    So basically, the way this thing works is that you CANNOT book the room at first (or ever, for that matter). What you need to do is book the room at (or you can book it on ? they are owned by the same parent company).

    Then after you have it booked, you will need to send a claim form in thru (in this case, at least) and tell them you found the rate lower at Be sure to get a screenshot of the EXACT same room for the lower price.

    They will come back to you and inform you that the room will be complimentary on the first night of your stay.

    So when I am traveling, I am sure to find three or four of these rooms and stack up the free nights. I also try to pack very light so I can move from one to the next easily, that way I can get four free nights at various hotels.

    Remember, too, that your credit card will not be charged until the night of your stay ? IF they don?t give you the room for free. So don?t be afraid to book a room and then submit your claim, your credit card won?t be charged for booking the room, and even if they won?t honor your claim for some reason (which happens VERY rarely) you have until 24 hours before the reservation to cancel it without any penalty.

    The ONE exception to this is with Wyndham Hotels, who do not allow cancellations. 95% of the hotels that have a best rate guarantee are not Wyndham, but you should be aware of this before booking a hotel with them.

    Also, be sure not to rely too heavily on to find these deals for you. In my area, I did a quick search and found over 10 hotels that had lower rates on other sites (like, and the like). On Orbitz, you can narrow down your hotel search on the left side to hotels of a certain brand, which is important in this case because the chains represented on are Wingate, Ramada, Travelodge, Days Inn, and a few more. Kayak has the same option.

    Once you have limited your search to these brands, finding price mismatches becomes a LOT easier.

    So the best rate guarantee can be your best friend. We aren?t going to cover price-mistakes here, because most companies have clauses built in that protect them from those issues, but you can use to find those as well.

    Get to it, you have free hotels to stay in, and I?m sure I?ll see you there.