Best way to get a lot of FB page likes?


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Nov 11, 2014
Hi. I'm curious... How can I get a lot of FB page likes? any tips are so appreciated. Thanks.
the best way is to create some viral posts. you will get thousand likes and you will increase your fan base.

Viral posts are not that easy but after doing some research you can accomplish that with no problems
I would find a viral video first then make a fanpage for it
then use like gate to tell your user to like the page first before seeing the
content works everytime
Something that was not already mentioned is that you could also try to get Facebook likes through so-called like sharing sites. For example "add me" or "Like4 like."
What's the purpose of increasing your likes? If you are looking to sell, don't even try addmefast and similar services. They simply won't convert or engage with your posts.

If you are looking for FB+Adsense, then there are many ways to increase:

1. Buy likes - works best if you have $$$
2. Likejack users - simple and works well if done right
3. Buy sponsored posts on large pages - easy and works
4. There are several other blackhat methods - refer to IndianBill's recent journey here.
viral content would be easiest way, though hard to achieve. other than that buying is the next fastest way, though not really recommended unless you're just starting and want 1-2k likes so the page looks good.
Other than that, guerilla marketing :) - join related groups and share your posts there, ask your friends, make new friends and ask those, buy or exchange shoutouts.
Hey, spend money on FB ads. Get Optimized CPM for likes and target some interest. Create great image with nice text and pick 3000 likes. Then start to make viral posts and videos. Good luck!
Joining groups is the quickest way if you dont wanna spend on advertising....And have something funny, useful or contraversial on the page or you are wasting your time.
Half naked girls and the boobs are the way to go... LOL
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