Best Way to Dominate a Niche with multiple domains?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xphase, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Need some suggestions from the community...

    I have a domain targeted towards a "broad" niche. This is my main money site.

    I also have 20 domains that are EMD for micro niches of my main site.

    What is the best way to utilize all of these without getting slapped by Google?

    For instance, if I don't interlink them, should I be fine with them all on the same host?

    Would it be safe to have a link from the micro niche domains to the main money site? But no linking between the micro niche domains? Or would it be best to host them all on different c class ips to do this?
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    I put mine all on differnet hosts.
    My main competitor, who is #1 in Google has a lot on the same host, and ones that aren't have his reg info anyways. He has a page that says "links" on each domain and just links to every other domain (about 80). And he is ranking high for most of them, which is retarded. And he's beeen doing it for years. And up until just recent, the sites were shit, but over last six months he has changed themes, added a couple pages to each one. Then here I am on different host, privacy, real quality sites, different theme for each, and I'll probably get banned lol.

    I think the main key is to put up quality sites on each one. Google doesn't want you to manipulate the SE rankings, but if it's a qualit site than they really shouldn't have a reason to slap the sites.
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    DOnt put all of the domain into the same host if you want to transfer some juice into your main host..

    If you dont have any money to purchase different host or IPs. Just host it in blogger and just use custom domain.
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    If u are making money be careful with your pumper sites, leave NO footprint.
    Make sure your pumper sites also link to other 'relevant' sites.