Best way to cash facebook friends?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by axtolip, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Dec 7, 2012
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    Hi all,

    First of all, as you can see, I'm fairly new in this forum and quite a newbie in IM. This community has been really helpful so far.

    I have built up three dummy facebook accounts with 3k+, 2k+ amd 500+ (and rising) friends. However, I have no idea how to make a profit of it. The accouts are believable and most friends share the same location and even demographic segment.

    So far, I'm just liking my own websites to drive traffic to them, but I think there must be better things I can do with these accounts.

    Do you know of any good methods to cash them?

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    Dec 20, 2011
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    Also interested in learning what methods still currently work
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    Search around the forum or maybe put a little thinking to it?

    Here's one.
    Make your three FB accounts with 4k+ friends, if possible.
    Join a CPA network or if you have a website that you want to increase traffic
    Make a related fanpage depends on what you are achieving to reach(e.g weight loss product online store)
    Then Power Plug it everyday using your FB Accounts.
    If the site of yours is good then it will ripe in no time :)

    NOTE: You can plug directly the site or the fanpage(I recommend to go to the fanpage as it can be use not only to plug, you can sell it if you want)