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Best way to assure and secure payments - Pay you to do.....

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Abercrombie, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Abercrombie

    Abercrombie BANNED BANNED

    Mar 8, 2007
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    I am thinking very hard on promoting an international casino offer. When I say "promoting", I mean paying players to try it out. The offer pays a good amount of money, but costs the player $50.00 just to sign up. I am thinking $100.00 would be enough to persuade most.
    There would have to be a good amount of trust between myself and the other party to make this work, or a good way to assure the payment. I am wondering, with this amount of money on the line; what would be a good way to assure payment, so that both the person I am paying is not worried about signing up and no payment, and I know that if I give them the money, they will sign up?
    Any ideas anyone.
    Also, where would be the best place to promote an offer like this (No USA). I have some ideas in mind, but there is no problem with asking the peeps of BHW I am sure.
  2. emzy86

    emzy86 Newbie

    Nov 4, 2008
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    maybe you pay them 50% upfront via paypal so you can charge back in case something went wrong. if you don't mind me asking how much is your commission? cuz the highest commission i checked was like $125. anyways goodluck with your offer. i am a non american and $100 are definitely enough to persuade me :)
  3. Tcm9669

    Tcm9669 Regular Member

    Dec 30, 2007
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    I think that paying the double of that is quite a bit too much.. and what if the casinos turns out to be a scam and not pay you?