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Best tool for Tier 1,2

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by aidenhera, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. aidenhera

    aidenhera Elite Member

    Nov 30, 2016
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    Hey. I've spent a lot of time (3 months) and effort along with some money trying to make something out of nothing or out of cheap tools. I've learnt some seo automation backlink tools that just aren't that good. I dont really do anything apart from trying tools, reading guides siting on pc and having sex.

    And still did not really make much money. Actually i have invested much more. Site is very optimized with a lot of unique content and its cpa (competition in cpa is big of course i know, but my niches are not popular, i choose unused keywords with some search volume and still not ranking), my problems are backlinks.

    My experience are (or scroll bottom for tldr):

    Tier 1, FCS has low amount of web 2.0, ive spent 2 months with senuke, its not really that bad, learnt to build page authority with it, to choose proper anchors and a lot of basic stuff, but the increase in position since that was really small. I would say ive wasted 2 months.

    Tier 2, Senuke crashes and its recovery doesnt work like beast, i minimalised threads to stop crashes, but then again i have a lot of projects running and dont get more than 200 links a day (they are Low Quality, however i know here i can supply the program with my own lists, so i dont blame senuke for bad links). i have a feeling it even doesnt save all links even after ticking option to allow dupplicate urls cause yesterday i saw more than today and it was many times like that, doesnt support 2captcha, also gets a headache when i have many projects running and only does 2 of them a day even if i have set up 40 and my pc/proxies are fast that i can run the software with 30 threads which is very good.. the worst thing is that is eats captcha like crazy because of bugged recovery/shutdown module that likes to PROCEED with last account registration campaigns after i launch it without even asking me.. so you imagine how much it eats captchas if one full campain is 1k services.. likes to repeat it even if it was done couple times, and not give any backlinks in exchange, its bugged stuff..
    From The Full Mounty Campaign (its like "automated tier 1,2,3) that was supposed to work everyday in a loop, i got 1300 backlinks in 8 days, however everyone recommends bigger amounts and this t2 didnt really do anything.

    Im looking for Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs that are worth buying and learning, if you could recommend anything id appreciate. My licences expires and need to buy soemthing for another month.