Best Thing To Do With Quality Articles ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by seanmillar, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Well I?ve been building up a few articles recently based on all aspects of article writing. From what to do, what not to do and everything in between.

    However I?m not very sure of what to do with them initially I was thinking AC
    That was the main reasons I started to write but now I view my articles more as a series of information rather than a bunch of articles if you know what I mean. Sadly my current financial situation means I have to use these articles to make money however I would rather give them away for free. But that?s life right.

    Anyway I was thinking With a blog I?m adding a more personal touch as users will be my articles the way I want them as a series of information however I haven?t been very good at marketing my blogs in the past so I?m unsure if this would be the best step. I?m sure with the articles I have written and the ideas I have, I would get a few hundred dollars with AC but I don?t think the Value of my articles will really be shown with their payment i.e $5 up front and a very low per 1000 view rate(which I have heard you don?t even receive fairly)

    So basically BHW I?m asking what your opinions are on what to do from here?

    I?m seeking your opinions so that I don?t just whittle away an opportunity which I justifiably feel sis worth a lot of money over a long time. Or maybe I?m just a dreamer ;)

    Well any opinions are greatly appreciated anyway