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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by seamusmcaffrey, Dec 23, 2008.

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    this is my first "useful" post to BHW but I love it here.. thanks to all you guys for finally givin me a reason to keep going with IM.

    anyways.. i was having trouble finding a template to use for a WP blog I wanted to start up; i ended up finding a website that offers a "build-it-yourself" wordpress theme maker with a simple to use, MS-office-like WYSIWIG editor. i love this program.

    there were a few posts a while back on it but i figured i'd give a more thorough review because i feel like this is a must have for wordpress users that don't know any programming languages (i was lost attempting to edit other ones that I found..)

    with this program, you can set all the color-scheme options, use your own images and easily edit them to use as a header, add cool watermarking effects as well as many basic blogging needs/buttons. i found it incredible, building my first one within ten minutes or so.

    anyways; the site is below:
    you can only get a trial version for free that will watermark your outputs but i felt the cost was reasonable enough for what you get. i couldn't find a crack for it anywheres so i just paid for it. if anyone wants me to design some unique, professional looking templates i can do that for a small fee :) PM me if you want. no need to pay 100s on paid freelancer sites for something that would take half an hour otherwise with this program.

    you can check out the template I built from scratch for a snowboarding blog i'm starting up below to see what the program can do:
    (note it's under construction right now.. haven't done too much with it. useful little package though considering i'm otherwise a complete noob to all this stuff and have no programming knowledge or experience.)

    anyways. to everyone else- thanks for the info i've gotten so far from this site, and happy blogging.

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    Next to Chuck Norris
    many thanks for this.

    I would be very interested but dont have the cash.