Best SMMA Niche/Advice?


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Jan 12, 2018
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Hey Everyone,

So I've been looking into creating a new SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) for those who don't know and those who do know and are experienced to talk about it I'm wondering what Niches are good to go after.

Currently I'm set on Car Dealerships, I have a Domain and everything, I'm just not sure if it's the best hit because a $20,000 car is a bit harder to sell than a Hotel Room, Meal at a Restaurant or a haircut at a Salon/Hairdresser.

But if you do a good job a Car Dealership is more likely to pay more than a Hair Salon in most cases depending on the businesses I guess.

If anyone's tried car dealerships I would love some advice and tips/tricks on what you did to become successful at it seems like a very tricky and skeptical market but maybe that's the good part haha

I'm going to be starting a Journey on this once things get set up and I'll follow up with daily or weekly statistics, tips etc.

Anyways, Thanks in advance!