Best Site, to buy clicks from?


Dec 17, 2007
Best/cheapest site to buy clicks real lead clicks from?

I want real leads that i can send to my blog witch has offers on it.

Whats the best site/or someone on this forum offering? I need cheap.
I would like some info also if possible from you guys. List of some sites that you can buy clicks from but the user has to stay on your webpage for at least 30 seconds.

Hey OP, ebay actually has vendors who sell real traffic. I'm using one of them right now...his website is The traffic is EXTREMELY SLOW to come in. Makes it look more natural I guess and the traffic comes throughout the whole day so it's spread pretty nicely. If anything you can try some of the various PPC networks like Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN,, and a whole lot more which I can't think of at the moment. Good luck
Yea for me 30 sec ads are my target traffic. And they are way cheaper then the rest. If somebody knows some site that provide this type of service please post them here.
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