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Best Site To Buy Ads On For A Site That Sells Twitter Followers etc.

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by socialmediapro, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Apr 27, 2013
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    I own a site where I sell twitter followers, instagram followers etc. and I know a lot of you guys are owning similar sites too.

    To increase my sales I wanted to get a little bit more into media buying and so my question is: what is the best site to buy ads for that kind of website I have? On buyads.com I found sites like "social media today" or "mashable".

    But has anyone of you guys ever had positive experiences with sites that are likely to have a lot of readers who are willing to buy followers?
    Since this whole thing is pretty expensive you gotta make sure that there's a good return.

    Thanks for your answers!