Best site for bulk domain registration?


Dec 28, 2011
Can someone please recommend a site for bulk domain registration?
Nothing crazy, probably around 10-15. Somewhere safe and reliable. (and lowest price possible, of course).

thanks in advance.
The lowest price possible is godaddy, just because the $1 coupons. So the lowest price is just for the first year. But godaddy sux hard. I prefer NameCheap and i believe they are the best.
Most top level registrars meet your requirements of being fairly safe and reliable.

Of course HOW safe and reliable they actually are is a debatable topic.

Godaddy is often running a ton of promotions and a few good coupons can shave even more off those bulk prices. If you purchase more than 6 domains you'll get free privacy as well.

Namecheap is often preferred for more quality based reasons. They also don't have any sneaky tactics like adding things to your cart with a coupon (yes, godaddy often does that).

Both have their pros and cons.
I use godaddy, which is also a good option always, try this one, although in the market so many big brand name are there, so its up to you to choose
Thanks guys.
The thing is, i am planning to do whitehat with these, so they are meant to stay (at least i hope). $1 godaddy first year then drain me up the next few years wont be good.

I came across netfirms. They are $4.99 first year and $11.99 after with FREE privacy/whois. Any thoughts?

I think for SEO purposes, whois/privacy is unavoidable? is my favorite
freewhois is the coupon for private whois, it's a permanent coupon (until they decide to remove it of course), but i used for more than a year now and it's always valid.
I found netfirms @ $4.95 first year, then $11.95 second year and after.
They also offer free whois. What do you guys think?

Seems like the cheapest so far?

I know some of you mentioned other registrar that offers them at lower price, but with the privacy/whois guard addon, the total price will be higher than netfirms.

Any other inputs will be appreciated. thanks
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