Best SEO strategy - I have 50 PR3+ Contextual Blogs on dif. C class and name servers


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Jun 18, 2009
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Hey guys,

I know there's a lot of smart SEO people here. Here's my question:

I have built an internal blog network of PR3+ (all the way to PR5) contextual blogs. All about social media and internet marketing with fresh updated content regularly, different C class IPs for each and custom name servers etc..


Here are the options I have found:

1 - Scrapebox for contextual high PR sites in my niches and getting my team to contact owners one by one and offer them free stuff (Free facebook fans, Twitter Followers etc..) in exchange for a link on their site

2 - Same thing but to offer a link on one of our blogs in exchange for them linking to our money site (a 3 way link building exchange without closing the loop between our money site and our high PR blog)

3 - Use one of these syndication exchange networks like,,,

4 - Make partnerships with other people with big High PR blog networks and trade strategically with them.

5 - .............................................?

Can you please give me your input and how to would further improve this strategy?

Thanks a lot!
so you want to link TO these blogs or looking to link from them to a money site?

that's a really sweet network to own..
wonder how far it could boost a site if all had an outbound link to a site
I have a similar network, about 40 at the moment though.
I'm going to a) link to my money site for link juice b) funnel traffic to money site for customers, as most are in the top 3 in Google for their targeted keyword.
or c) check your pm
WOW! I am impressed guys. Those are really powerful networks, Kudos to you.
Add me to skype jpbisson1 if you don't want to post your answers publicly.
Lol the dude that ranks for "buy tramadol" has around 7-10k .com sites in his linking scheme. You are talking here about 5.
Hey, you can sell links and charge a monthly fee, and also you can link to your moneysite.
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