Best SEO for my e-commerce site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xoxxx, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Ok guys, I have a 100% whitehate e-commerce site. I perform a service for people, lets say that I do "xbox hacking"( i dont really do that)
    So far I have spent:
    -1k developing my website
    - scrapebox
    - tweet attacks
    - have about 1k Total left in my bank account
    - might need to spend 500 more on my website, not sure yet

    What would be my best method of Getting some kind of revenue, I really want to place highly for my #1 keyword, but it seems very competitive, not to mention there are about 20 other people doing what I do.

    What are my best optins?
    Should I do seo, or ppc, or get xrumer?

    If you recomend I do SEO, what is my best option for making my seo look whitehat while using scrapebox/xrumer...

    Thanks for the help!
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    For seo, i recommend link building. link pyramid is a good one. if your site just using scapebox or xrumer even both your site will get bad reputation and google dont like it now. PPC is also important for get targeted traffic and make sales.

    PM me i can give you really nice seo service and more powerful.
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    If you go the SEO route, (depending on your niche), I would recommend spending some time on Facebook and Twitter promoting your site, as that will create more of a "buzz." I wouldn't recommend PPC due to your budget. It is very powerful, but it can also be expensive.