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    Ok so I used to be a big part of torrents for a good few years and kind of left it all behind. But in the process I gained a good list of good sites that offer good stuff.

    Bitsoup (100,000 member limit) - My first choice for a warm friendly Torrent site, all top quality torrents rar'd and checked by a host of Moderators that do a great job.
    (This site is good for new movie releases - Cam and R5 etc, plus New albums)

    Movie-Hogs (Open site at the moment) - This does what it says on the tin, Movies Old and New. Thsi site is by far the fastest I have seen, not loads of members so fairly quiet but the speeds are rapid.

    Demonoid (Invites or if your lucky an open day) - Demonoid is ye ole faithfull, it's been around because it is quality. All rounder with movies in most languages plus music galoure. It's also very good for audio books too. The one thing that amazes me with this site is no matter how hard something is to get you can usually find it here.

    Pussy Torrents (I think it's invite maybe wrong) - Well XXX is the name on this one! All Adult movies full rips and every perverse thing you could imagine!

    myanonamouse (Invite only) - This site is the one for you book worms and audio book fans! A huge selection of audio books and pdf files. Most books you can think of in audio and visual content.

    These are private tracker sites. As I said I have quite a list and maybe I could post a list of both private/public torrent sites if people needed them.

    Anyways hope this helps.
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