Best practices for WP mobile sites - Does anyone know?

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    Hi Guys,

    I've been using the BAAP mobile plugin for my present WP theme. It works ok, but since the mobile theme is rendered based on browser, other plugins I use for the desktop version (WP super pop up, etc) are also being rendered on the mobile theme.

    After looking around i've come to the following conclusion.

    Create a subdomain called and make it a clone of
    Use a mobile/lightweight theme on and perhaps set a script based on browser detection. i.e: If user-agent = the usual browsers, then redirect to and so on.

    Problems with this however is:

    1. How to set up the clone so that publishing an article once from will auto update the
    2. What to do with SEO.. since I want my mobile site to be included, yet not to be penalized for duplicate content.

    Any suggestions?
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