Best Practices for Google Places (plus) SEO

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    Well, thought I would compile this since it helped me get tons of local biz ranked on 1st page. I'm not greedy and I love to share the wealth.

    Here is what you should and should not do.

    You should not include keywords in the title unless that is the name of your business or website. The same goes for categories... keep it relevant to your business and don't create random, keyword-rich categories just to stuff your profile.

    If you want to do Google Places optimization, make sure you fill out the profile in complete detail... every piece of information you can put in the profile, put it there. Also use 10 photos and 10 videos if you have them. Get links and local citations from as many local directories and local sites as you can. You can use the local citation finder on to help with the citations. Make sure the address and phone number are exactly the same on your site as your places page and your citations. Encourage user reviews on various sites. You can incentivize customers/clients to give you reviews (don't tell Yelp I said this. Those pricks). Also, create a KML file(s) and submit a geo sitemap to Google which links to the file(s).

    Please hit THANKS AND REP so I can bring more of my experience to the table.

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    Why not? I did exactly this and my organic is good, but local is not. Maybe this is why?
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    Local/+ is pretty straight forward... just fill everything out well and honestly and you have a good start.